Clean Slate: Tea Tree Charcoal

Clean Slate: Tea Tree Charcoal


Start your day with a clean and beautiful slate!  This soap is perfect for the face and the body.  And best of all - it clears pores and keeps skin looking clear and healthy! 



Scent: Tea Tree.  Our tea tree oil is of very high quality and smells fresh and rejuvenating. 


Benefits: Tea tree oil has cleansing properties that helps keep skin clean and clear. Activated charcoal pulls impurities from skin and acts as a mild exfoliant.  This soap works wonderfully as both a face and body wash. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Saltwater pulls out toxins and purifies the skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.


Ingredients: Natural Hawaiian Ocean Water, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, essential oil fragrance, activated charcoal, grapefruit seed oil.  


Full Bar: 3.5 oz. 

Sample Size: 1.5 oz.

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  • Care Instruction

    Our soaps are hard and long lasting.  They will last longer when kept dry. 

    *Not for consumption. 

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