Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate


Our Hot Chcolate soap smells warm and cozy - just like a cup of hot chocolate on a brisk day.  It is made with Balsam Peru and cocoa butter, which works to replish and nourish dry skin. 


Scent: Balsam Peru is a warm woody scent with notes of vanilla.  Paired with the scent of the cocoa butter, this soap smells like a sweet cup of hot chocolate. 


Featured Ingredients: Cocoa butter. Cocoa powder. 


Benefits: Cocoa butter is an excellent source of moisture for dry skin.  Cocoa powder works to detoxify the skin and maintain clear pores. 


Ingredients: Distilled water. Saponified oils of olive, sustainable palm, coconut, cocoa butter and castor.  Balsam of Peru essential oil.  Cocoa powder. 


Full Bar: 3.5 oz. 

  • Care Instruction

    Our soaps are hard and long lasting.  They will last longer if they are stored in a dry place. 

    *Not for human consumption. 

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